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Fabric repair kit for Tents


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A fabric repair kit that you can quickly use to make a tent repair.

Pack includes 3 x alcohol wipes so you can thoroughly clean the area around the damage prior to repairing

Repair kit contents:   1 off –  30cm x 7.5cm self-adhesive patch
1 off – 22mm x 22m self-adhesive patch (ideal for pinprick holes or cigarette burns)
1 off – 35mm x 35mm self-adhesive patch (ideal for twig piercing repairs)
1 off – 300mm length of seam reinforcing line

Full instructions included

Bonds permanently to any non-pvc fabric. Will not repair teflon (non-stick) coated fabrics

Can be applied to one side or both sides of the damage – providing a permanent, waterproof and flexible repair


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