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Tear Aid Underwater Repair Patch Pack


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Tear-Aid UNDERWATER is a revolutionary repair pack which allows you to repair any smooth surfaced PVC or vinyl surface to be repaired under water. Ideal for pool and pond liners, waterbed repairs, dealing with leaking pvc guttering and waterbutts and any inflatable vinyl product such as a bouncy castle, air bed, swimming aid, pool toys etc. The pack contains: 1 – 3″ x 12″ strip of Tear-Aid type B 1 – Squeegee applicator 1 – Set of instructions 2 – Alcohol wipes The 3″ x 12″ strip of Tear-Aid can be cut using domestic scissors to any shape or size. Note: Tear-Aid can be applied over itself very easily and therefore awkward repairs such as seams and joints can be repaired quickly and simply by applying small pieces of Tear-Aid and overlapping them to achieve the form of the seam/joint. Tear-Aid is ideal for use in freshwater, pool water, pondwater and seawater. It is UV resistant, highly conformable and has very high adhesion properties. Guarantees a 100% successful repair to your underwater tear/split/puncture on a pvc/vinyl surface