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Tear-Aid Type B strip of 10 - 22 mm x 22 mm patches


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Tear-Aid Type B patches for vinyls and PVC, each measuring 22 mm x 22 mm (7/8″ x 7/8″) in strips of 10 patches, are ideal for fixing pin pricks, thus preventing the hole from getting larger over time. Just clean the area with one of the Tear-Aid wipes included in the pack, allow to dry, then peel and stick the patch over the hole. Your repair will be 50% bonded straight away, and fully bonded within 24 hours. You can shorten the curing time down to 5 minutes and at the same time turn the patch from opaque to fully transparent by using a hair drier or heat gun to warm up the patch. Each pack contains: – 10 Tear-Aid Type B patches measuring 22 mm x 22 mm (7/8″ x 7/8″) -2 individually-wrapped Tear-Aid wipes measuring 195 mm x 150 mm (7.8″ x 5.9″)