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How do I know which type of Tear-Aid ® patch I should use for my repair?

First, you have the choice between two types of Tear-Aid® patch: Type A or Type B. The Tear-Aid® Type B patch is for repairing vinyl, PVC and vinyl coated products or of PVC. If the layer in contact with the patch is either vinyl or PVC, you must use the Type B patch.

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As your repair consists of a mixture of two “incompatible” materials, it is quite unique. In this case, proceed as follows:

Tear-Aid® is quite capable of providing waterproof or airtight repair on all kinds of inflatable objects. However, it is difficult to completely seal a tear in – or through – a seam because air can pass through the seam itself.

If the surface is submerged under water or saturated with water, only the Type B patch can be used, but the application of the patch should still be encouraged on dry surfaces.

Never use a Type A patch on vinyl. Vinyls contain oils which over time react with the glue used for Type A and make it tacky. Eventually, the patch will peel off the vinyl. Therefore only use the Type B patch for vinyl or PVC surfaces since the glue used on the Type B patch has been specially designed to adhere to vinyls and PVC.

It is very important to know the material to be repaired before starting the repair. If you don’t know it, you have two options.

We recommend that you wash your raincoat by hand. Temperature is not the main consideration as our Type A patches are resistant to temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to + 60 ° C. Rather,

In both cases (Type A and Type B), we offer 9m long rolls in three different widths: 3.75cm, 7.5cm and 15cm.

Sure. It is quite possible to do this type of repair underwater without emptying the pelvis using the Type B patch from Tear-Aid®.

Sure ! Tear-Aid® will repair your inflatable slide with no problem. In your specific case, order a roll 150cm long and 7.5cm wide. If the slide is made from vinyl or vinyl or PVC coated canvas, consider ordering a Type B roll.

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